Way Finding

Navigation from place to place is a fundamental human activity and an integral part of everyday life. Where are you? Where are you heading to? People use their knowledge and previous experiences to find their way in the build environment. The human perception of the build environment and information in a space comes down to balance and focus. What do you see? Why did you see it? What did you do with the information.

Wayfinding has the function to inform people of the surroundings in the (unfamiliar) build environment, it is important to show information at strategic points to guide people into the right directions. Complex structures in the build environment are interpreted and stored by the human memory. Distances, locations and time may be remembered differently than as they appear to be in reality.

An effective wayfinding system is based on human behavior and consists of the following characteristics:

  • Do not make them think create a comprehensive, clear and consistent visual communication system with concise messaging.

  • Show only what is needed & information what relevant is to the space, location and / or navigation path.

  • Remove excessive information & unnecessary elements to create a clear visual environment ahead.

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