Vehicle Branding in JLT

Promoting "Sentitude" on OBS Group's company vehicles using 3M material and high-quality Mutoh printing is an excellent choice for maximizing brand visibility and ensuring durability. Here's why this approach is advantageous:

High-Quality Material: 3M is renowned for its premium quality materials, known for durability and vibrant colors. Using 3M material ensures that the vehicle branding will withstand harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, and daily wear and tear, maintaining its visual appeal for an extended period.

Professional Appearance: The use of high-quality material and printing techniques from Mutoh ensures that the vehicle branding looks professional and visually striking. A well-executed design with crisp graphics and vibrant colors will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of OBS Group's branded vehicles, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Longevity: Investing in high-quality materials and printing technology from Mutoh ensures the longevity of the vehicle branding. The durability of 3M material combined with Mutoh printing means that the branded graphics will remain intact and vibrant for years to come, providing long-term advertising benefits for OBS Group.

Brand Image: By choosing premium materials and printing techniques, OBS Group communicates its commitment to quality and excellence, reflecting positively on the "Sentitude" brand. A professionally branded fleet of vehicles conveys a strong brand image and instills confidence in customers and stakeholders.

Attention to Detail: Utilizing Mutoh printing technology allows for precise and intricate designs, ensuring that every detail of the "Sentitude" branding is accurately reproduced on the vehicles. Attention to detail is crucial for creating visually appealing and impactful vehicle graphics that effectively communicate OBS Group's brand message.

Warranty and Support: Working with reputable brands like 3M and Mutoh provides the added assurance of warranty coverage and technical support. In the unlikely event of any issues with the vehicle branding, OBS Group can rely on the support and expertise of these companies to address them promptly and effectively.

Overall, leveraging 3M material and Mutoh printing technology for vehicle branding is a strategic decision that aligns with OBS Group's objective of promoting the "Sentitude" brand effectively and maintaining a professional image across its fleet of vehicles.

March 21, 2024

High Visibility: Your Company vehicles are constantly on the move, ensuring that advertisements are seen by a diverse audience throughout urban areas. ”

Ayman Khan

Vehicle branding involves applying graphics, images, and text to vehicles for promotional or advertising purposes. It’s a highly effective form of mobile advertising that turns vehicles into moving billboards, reaching a wide audience wherever they go. Here’s a breakdown of vehicle branding.


  • Mobile Exposure: Vehicles with branding travel through various locations, exposing the brand to a diverse audience.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional advertising channels like billboards or TV commercials, vehicle branding offers long-term exposure at a lower cost.
  • Local Targeting: Brands can target specific geographic areas or demographics by strategically driving branded vehicles in relevant locations.
  • Non-Intrusive: Vehicle branding doesn’t interrupt or annoy consumers like some other forms of advertising. It’s a passive form of marketing that reaches people as they go about their daily activities.